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European COVID-19 2nd wave start dates were associated with latitude (vitamin D), not temperature – Oct 31, 2020

The unexpected spectacular 2020 October COVID-19 boost in European countries correlated with the latitude, but not with the temperature preprint Oct 31

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doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.10.28.20221176
Re-start date not associated with temperature, but was associated with latitude

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Many European countries underwent an unexpected spectacular boost of the daily reported new COVID-19 cases between September 20th and October 18th, imposing in emergency new confinement rules in order to prevent hospitals saturation. The present study shows no correlation between the country COVID-19 boost date and its 2 weeks preceding temperature, but shows an impressive correlation with the country latitude. As the daily UV insolation earlier decreases in autumn for higher latitudes, this is an additional observation supporting the impact of low vitamin blood D level on the respiratory impairment in COVID-19 disease.

Restart date for each country


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