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Overview Fractures and vitamin D

Bone Fractures can be decreased by:

  • Build bone by having enough vitamin D (>1,000 IU) when also having cofactors such as Magnesium and Vitamin K-2
    >4,000 IU for a wide variety of reasons
  • Reduce falls by having enough vitamin D to maintain youthful nerve and muscle response time - again with cofactors

Supporting studies in Vitamin D Life

Fracture reduction vs vitamin D  Vitamin D page = 3802


Meta-analyses of Falls and Fracture in Vitamin D Life

Optimising Vitamin D Levels after Hip Fractures - 2017

Jenson Mak – book chapter
 Download the PDF from Vitamin D Life

Normally “ . . D levels significantly fall in the first 14 days following hip fracture”
4 weeks after hip fracture and 250,000 IU loading dose of vitamin D
    Far Fewer Falls, etc.


Hip in Vitamin D Life

General support in Vitamin D Life

CLICK HERE for Strong Bones and Vitamin D from Dr. Susan Ott at the University of Washington


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Overview Fractures and vitamin D        
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