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Overview Kidney and vitamin D

  • FACT: Kidney is the primary way to activate vitamin D
  • FACT: When the Kidney has problems, there is less active vitamin D (Calcitriol) for the body
  • FACT: When the Kidney has problems, there is increased death due to many factors - many of which are associated with lack of Calcitriol
  • FACT: There are many on-going intervention clinical trials trying to determine how much of what kind of vitamin D is needed to treat the problem
  • FACT: One Randomized Controlled Trial has proven that Vitamin D treats CKD
  • FACT: Taking extra Vitamin D, in various forms, does not cause health problems - even if poor kidney
  • Suggestion: Increase vitamin D getting into body now - and increase co-factors so that the vitamin D can be better used
      Sun, UV lamp, Vitamin D supplement - probably > 5,000 IU,
    Calcitriol - which bypasses the need for the kidney to activate vitamin D
      Problems with Calcitriol however: typically only lasts for a few hours, also, possible complications
        Update: Pre-cursor of active vitamin D made from plants is better than calcitriol – Sept 2012
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Kidney is one of only 2 ways that vitamin D is activated in the body

A guess (based on NO data) 40% of vitamin D is activated by the kidneys

Vitamin D Deficiency Vicious circles a portion of the chart follows

Low vitamin D ==> Diabetes ==> Kidney failure
Kidney failure ==> Low Vitamin D and poor regulation of Magnesium
Activated vitamin D decreases with worsening of CKD

Incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease - US

Perhaps 120% increase incidence in a decade

Dark skinned people (with less vitamin D) have 3X more incidence of CKD

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Causes of CKD


only 15% kidney function remains by stage 5


CKD signs and symptoms


Factoids from The Body by Bill Bryson, 2019

  • It remains something of a mystery even now as to why we have two kidneys.
  • The kidneys process about 190 quarts of water and 3.3 pounds of salt. daily
  • Between the ages of forty and seventy, kidney filtration capacity drops by about 50 percent.
Overview Kidney and vitamin D        
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