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Vitamin D greatly improves Fertility

Increased male Vitamin D increases fertility

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Clinical trial of 50,000 IU vitamin D weekly to improve IVF success - Phase 4 trial announced July 2017

Vitamin D Supplementation in Vitamin Deficient Women Undergoing IVF Cycles: Does it Affect the Fertility Outcome?
Unfortunately trial is only giving vitamin D to the women, and for only 2 months
They will be measuring results over the next 12 months
Doubt that this clinical trial will be successful
50,000 IU bi-weekly to both man and woman during an entire year would have had far better success.

50% reduction in sperm count around the world in just 40 years - Aug 2017

Skyrocketing Male Infertility May Threaten Mankind’s Survival - Mercola

  • "According to the largest meta-analysis of its kind, sperm counts around the world declined by more than 50 percent, to 47 million sperm per mL, between 1973 and 2013, and continue to dwindle"
  • "The most significant declines were found in samples from men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, where many had sperm concentrations below 40 million/mL — a level at which a man will have trouble fertilizing an egg"
    Vitamin D was barely mentioned

Eating more fish (probably Omega-3 and Vitamin D) resulted in a 16% increase in babies - May 2018

Survey of 501 couples, New York Times
Reportingo n study in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism https://doi.org/10.1210/jc.2018-00385

  • "By 12 months, 92 percent of couples who ate fish twice a week or more were pregnant, compared with 79 percent among those who ate less."

IVF 2X more successful in summer (when vitamin D levels are higher) - July 2018

IVF treatment success rate doubles in summers

Men Are Freaking Out About Their Sperm NYT July 2018


Vitamin D: Study Finds Impaired Fertility May 2016

RCT of Vitamin D and Fertility - daily for a year - to 16 weeks after birth
This data disagrees with a majority of studies on this page

Became pregnantComplications
Placebo 38%52%
1400 IU33%23% for 1400 and 2800 IU
2800 IU39%

Statistical certainty of the percentages was not given in the abstract

  • "Complications during labor, including preeclampsia and postpartum bleeding, were significantly more frequent in the placebo group compared with the combined treatment groups (52% versus 23%, P=0.005)."
  • "The study found no difference in other complications including pre-term birth, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and infections"
  • No comment on any differences in Still Births, Death during first year, etc.
  • Wonder if mothers getting lots of vitamin D had more alive and healthy children at the one year mark compared to placebo


Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex? Nov 2018

The Atlantic Vitamin D is not mentioned

  • "...Americans are in the midst of a sex recession"
  • "...crushing economic pressures, of surging anxiety rates, of psychological frailty, of widespread antidepressant use, of streaming television, of environmental estrogens leaked by plastics, of dropping testosterone levels, of digital porn, of the vibrator’s golden age, of dating apps, of option paralysis, of helicopter parents, of careerism, of smartphones, of the news cycle, of information overload generally, of sleep deprivation, of obesity. Name a modern blight, and someone, somewhere, is ready to blame it for messing with the modern libido?

The Disappearing Y Chromosome Atlantic Mag Dec 2019

It’s surprisingly common for men to start losing entire chromosomes from blood cells as they age

  • "Now a new study—the largest yet of this phenomenon—estimates that 20 percent of 205,011 men in a large genetic database called the UK Biobank have lost Y chromosomes from some detectable proportion of their blood. By age 70, 43.6 percent of men had the same issue."

No mention of Vitamin D

Fertility and sperm        
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