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Overview Cancer-Colon and vitamin D

Summary of Colorectal Cancer and Vitamin D:

The title of one study provides a one line summary:
   Vitamin D as a promising anticancer agent (includes colon cancer)
Which Vitamin D Life retitled as
    Vitamin D appears to both PREVENT and TREAT various cancers – Mar 2011
Most people need 2,500 - 4,000 IU of vitamin D the reduce probability of most cancers (including colon) by 60%
    probably need more vitamin D if in a high risk group: dark skin, elderly, far from equator, etc.
Still more vitamin D needed to help treat Cancers, such as Colon Cancer

Vitamin D helps healing after most surgeries 278 items

Vitamin D appears to amplify various Chemotherapy drugs
- - So, DO NOT TAKE EXTRA vitamin D if you have the wrong chemo AND your doctor refuses to reduce the Chemo protocol

See Vitamin D Life Colon Cancer

Colorectal Cancer @ is.gd/colorectalVitD

See Vitamin D Life Cancer

See Vitamin D Life - Vitamin D TREAT Cancer

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Nothing about Vitamin D

Colonoscopies are common only in developed countries which pay for the expensive procedure (US)

  • Risks vs. Benefits of Colonoscopies Dr/ Greger April 2018
    "Other developed countries mostly use the stool tests, with only a few recommending colonoscopies or sigmoidoscopies. That may be because most physicians in the world don’t get paid based on how many procedures they do. As one U.S. gastroenterologist put it, “Colonoscopy is the goose that laid the golden egg.”
    "A New York Times exposé concluded that the reason doctors rake in so much money is less about “top-notch patient care” and more about business plans maximizing revenue, lobbying, marketing, and turf battles"
       Happened to check prices for procedures near me
       MRI average prices of different cities ranged from $800 to $2,000
       Colonscopies prices were all very close to $2,000 - a good indication pf price fixing
         Observation April 2018 by Henry Lahore, founder of Vitamin D Life
  • The Pros and Cons of Colonoscopies Mercola Dec 2015
    There are three ways to detect for colon cancer. The US way, colonoscopy, is 10X more likely to have complications, but gives the most kickback to the US doctor.
    “it’s estimated that doctors make nearly a million more referrals every year than they would have if they there were not personally profiting.”
    Nothing about vitamin D

The more vitamin D, the more prevention of Colorectal Cancer

For vitamin D level = 40ng/ml (100 on the chart) the probability of colorectal cancer is reduced by 2/3

see wikipage http://www.vitad.org/tiki-index.php?page_id=64Overview of ColonCancer and vitamin D
3.95D( - 0.541) is the powerlaw in nmols/L fit of vitamin D data from 10 studies
Relation between prediagnostic serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level and incidence of breast, colorectal, and other cancers
Dr. WB Grant, J Photochem Photobiol B. 2010 Nov 3;101(2):130-6.
See related publications by Dr. Grant Dr. Grant on vitamin D and mortality in Vitamin D Life

Probability of many diseases falls when vitamin D > 40 ng/ml

derived from Grassroots 2013

CLICK HERE for details on colon cancer prevention and text which can be translated

Vicious cycle of colon cancer and vitamin D

Low vitamin D increases the probability of colon cancer
Colon cancer reduces the adsorption of vitamin D needed to recover from colon cancer/surgery - see following clip from chart

Previous image was clipped from the following chart

Possible Vitamin D Interactions

Many meta-analysis of COLON Cancer and Vitamin D on Vitamin D Life

After 30 years of study and 11 meta-analyses which conclude that vitamin D helps - no change

short url = is.gd/vitdcolon

Overview Cancer-Colon and vitamin D        
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