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Pregnant women in HIV therapy adding Vitamin D had 3X fewer deaths - RCT April 2022
HIV treatment augmented by high-dose vitamin D, daily or weekly – Dec 2021
Low vitamin D with HIV increases risk of infections – TB by 3.5X, CMV by 10.1X – Aug 2020
HIV therapy reduces Vitamin D levels, supplementation helps - Nov 2019
Cognitive problems 2X more likely if HIV and low vitamin D – June 2019
Use of Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (Hepatitis-B, AIDS) requires more vitamin D – Sept 2018
Vertebral fractures 9X more likely in HIV patients having low vitamin D – Dec 2017
HIV patients helped by monthly 120,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT Oct 2017
Those with HIV who doubled their vitamin D levels reduced their chance of death by 47 percent – Oct 2013
A gut-friendly form of vitamin D should be used for those with HIV and gut problems
   Alternately, just use 2X to 3X more vitamin D than for a person who has a good gut
3X more African girls and women have HIV than African males Washington Post Dec 2023
  Note: Many women have lower vitamin D levels than men due to hormones and not being outdoors as much
  In addition, dark-skinned women often avoid the sun due to a desire to have a lighter skin shade

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