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Some drugs change potency when Vitamin D is increased (increase in a hormone)

Drug dosages were established for people with < 30 ng of Vitamin D

1) Increased D ==> Increases drug potency ==>sometimes increases risk of death
2) Increased D ==> Decreases drug potency ==> sometimes increases risk of death

Increasing vitamin D substantially INCREASES the potency of various medications

Increasing vitamin D substantially DECREASES the potency of various medications

  • atorvastatin, thiazide diuretic,

Increased drug ==> Decreased Vitamin D: happens far more frequently than 1) or 2) above

Note: Most of the mortality increases due to high vitamin D have occurred among the elderly
   elderly take an average of 6 prescription drugs
     the doses were established for people who had low levels of vitamin D

Speculation: Increased Vitamin D increases the interaction between two drugs which a person is taking

That is:
Drug A + Drug B + LOW level of Vitamin D ==> no problem
But, Drug A + Drug B + HIGH level of Vitamin D ==> a problem

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