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Consensus Vitamin D

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Vitamin D Life Suggestions for new consensus
  • Audience: people - who are actually taking and enjoying the benefits of more vitamin D
  • Target level: >40 ng
  • Dose:- 4,000+ IU average daily or a great many hours in the sun each week
      varies a lot with weight, age, health problems, desire to treat a problem, etc
  • How often to take: daily to as infrequently as once every 3 weeks
  • Type: Vitamin D3 (Note - Vegan and gut-friendly forms of D3 are available)
       Note: many doctors still use D2, which has been found to not be nearly as good as D3
  • Form: any (capsule, gel cap, sublingual, spray, topical, etc.)
       appears that a capsule - without oil or colorings is best
  • When to take: just after a meal which has the longest fast (typically supper)
  • Cofactors adjustment to aid vitamin D and prevent imbalance
       Increase Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Omega-3, and reduce Calcium
  • Might list the diseases for which there is a consensus that Vitamin D can prevent/treat
  • It is Important to restore levels even if Vitamin D has not been proven to treat current disease
  • Loading dose: (400,000 IU over 8 days) provides very quick restoration is sometimes useful
  • Whom to test?: All persons in categories who are at high risk of being vitamin D deficient
  • Whom to treat?: Virtually everyone
       <1% of people have conditions or use drugs which are not compatible with Vitamin D
  • How long to treat?: Generally, supplement with vitamin D for rest of life.
       Note: many doctors supplement with 50,000 IU of vitamin D for just 8 weeks
       This 8 week supplementation wears off in about 8-12 weeks

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