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Did you know?
  • Diseases do vary with the vitamin D levels during pregnancy
  • Health problems are related to birth month - June 2015 has many charts, here is one
  • Most of the time it is simply compensated for by just taking more Vitamin D
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Learn how Vitamin D is essential for good health
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If you have a disease associated with low Vit D take Vit D
Raising your Vit D levels will substantially prevent other low-Vit D health problems
Often your specific health problem will also be treated

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Season of Birth
1715 Diseases correlated to month of birth – 2008 8908
26 Dec, 2019 16:01
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Season of Birth
5627 Schizophrenia increased 40 percent for Spring births after Danes stopped vitamin D fortification – April 2014 7433
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Season of Birth
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Season of Birth
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Season of Birth
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Season of Birth
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5722 Anorexia is associated with low vitamin D at birth 5434
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2996 7 percent less likely to get immune mediated disease if born in the fall – July 2012 5076
20 Aug, 2019 02:01
admin Pregnancy
Season of Birth
2994 Odds of living to 100 increase by 40 percent if had been born in the fall – 2011 5071
20 Aug, 2019 01:56
admin Pregnancy
Season of Birth

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