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1,000 IU - provides a just barely measurable benefit

References which you can download

Vitamin D Council has some good recommendations which have been nicely formatted by Knox

Maint dosage from V D Council as formated by Knox 2010

2,000 IU minimum- if you did not have a risk factor

Everyone older than 11 years should be taking AT LEAST 2000 IU of vitamin D daily everywhere around the world
I realize that the 2010 US standard specifies a minimum of 400 or 600 IU. But, the that is like a minimum wage - very difficult to live on
The US and the European Union both currently have an Upper Limit of 2000 IU which will probably be revised upward in late 2010.

You can see in the following chart, 20ng does not reduce the probability of any disease except rickets

derived from Grassroots 2013
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Yet, the Institute of Medicine of Medicine In Nov 2010 stated that only 20 ng is needed

The next chart shows that all 25 vitamin D experts at a meeting recommended a MINIMUM of 30 ng

Addressing vitamin D de?ciency in Canada - "A public health innovation whose time has come" April 2010 2000 IU for most people

Some studies found that 2000 IU did not help but did not harm either

Average of less than 2000 IU of vitamin D2 did not help bone health – July 2010
German seniors safely took 1500 to 3000 IU of vitamin D – June 2010

You need to see the dose/response relationship to understand that 2000 IU rarely provides a response greater than 30 ng/ml

4,000 IU per day if have single risk factor 

Co-factors, test blood in 3-6 months
Chicago Times on vitamin D: Depression, chest pain, fibromyalgia, Holick, 3000 IU without test - May 2010
Patients older than 65 needed 5,000 IU vitamin D – May 2010

10,000 IU - multiple risk factors

Over a billion people are vitamin D deficient,

Estimate your Risk Factor

High level of vitamin D helped Harvard cohort - Suggests up to 10,000 IU download file
British Medical Journal in Jan 2010 also suggested up to 10,000 IU

Bone Up extra co-factors; Cofactors: K2, Calcium, Boron,

Try it out at very very low risk:
1000 IU -> 5000 IU loading -> 2000 IU maint: after loading or summer

A slide from Grassroots - Dose / Response May 2011

see wikipage http://www.vitad.org/tiki-index.php?page_id=1660
Vit D recommendations table 2010?
Vitamin D safety and dose response Vieth 1999 download file

This June 2010 chart shows that some groups are below even the minimum recommendations

from Dietary Guidelines for Americans vitamin D - June 2010

BMI was good predictor of vitamin D levels – Feb 2010
Vitamin D3 loading dose of 500000 IU for elderly – Aug 2009
Why vitamin D might not help me
The folly of a single RDA for vitamin D - Jan 2011
Should You Worry if You Store Vitamin D
Muscle strength in youth increased with 60,000 IU vitamin D per week and 1 g Calcium – April 2010

Sun is better than UV which is better than D3 which is better than D2
In each case the effect lasts much longer.
The non D3/D3 inputs have "photoproducts which we do not understand.

Take your vitamin D supplement with the largest meal of the day

Effectiveness increased 56% - May 2010

Start with just a single 4000 IU - to check for adverse reaction

Wait a few days to see if you are in the 3 in 1000 which have an adverse reaction
This is the only advice which I give which is not backed up with extensive data
Adverse reactions are very rare, but I feel it is much better to find out if you react poorly to vitamin D with just a low dose
The 1,000 IU could be just a portion of a dose which you anticipate taking
Adverse reactions are typically intestinal upsets.
Adverse reactions such as intestinal upsets are likely placebo effects or due to the ingredients other than vitamin D in the capsules. Drinking the capsule with a full glass of water should avoid this completely, (although it has never been shown that it actually exists.). Side effects with placebos in drug studies are always far more than 3 in 1000.

Very low cost - often < 5 cents per day

Vitamin D is available in many forms: capsule, oil, drop, chewable, gummie bear ...

A capsule of vitamin D ls smaller than a kernel of corn or a pea

Pea Corn and capsule of vitamin D - picture .jpg
Prefer oil. - but be aware that some of the oils can become rancid - smell a capsule in a bottle to make sure

Toxic level

You will get 10,000 in a single tanning session, so obviously 10,000 IU cannot be toxic

Take it daily, weekly, or monthly (e.g. 4,000 IU daily, 50,000 IU every 2 weeks, or 100,000 IU monthly)

Does not appear to matter much.

Formulas for how much vitamin D you need

Need to have more vitamin D for each of the following reasons

Skin color
Avoid Sun

Unhealthy people need even more vitamin D

And - the blood levels vary by 4X between individuals.

Why the vitamin D might not help you: not enough, etc

Vitamin D Council information which has been nicely formatted by Knox

side effects  of vitamin D by vitamin D council as formatted by Knox 2010
Who should and should not take vitamin D vitamin D council as formatted  by Knox 2010

Note: If you are taking chemotherapy and the medical professionals are not open to reducing the dose level you should avoid taking vitamin D. for many chemotherapy drugs vitamin D increases the effectiveness by 2X.

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Vitamin D interactions and contra-indications

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Cofactors are needed as you increase vitamin D level

Low Risk (0-2) Medium Risk (3-5) High Risk (6-8) Extreme risk (9+)
Daily Dose 1,000 IU2,000 IU4,000 IU 10,000 IU
Months before blood test needed - 9 months 6 months 3 months
Cofactors optional 2 pills/day 2 pills/day 4 pills/day
Limit Calcium - just co-factor just cofactor just cofactor

Dose/Response relationship varies with the amount of vitamin D already in the blood

  • 1000 IU adds 9 ng if blood level was just 20 ng
  • 1000 IU adds 2 ng if blood level was > 80 ng
    • This ignores variation due to body weight, obesity, and many other variables

see wiki page: http://www.vitad.org/tiki-index.php?page_id=1425

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Vitamin D supplementation - Grassroots Jan 2013 which has the following excellent charts

How much to supplement Grassroots Jan 2013

Grassroots IU per pound  tinyurl.com/HowMuchVitaminD

short URL for this page = tinyurl.com/HowMuchVitaminD

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