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Mental stress, physical stress associations with low vitamin D

It appears that one or both of the following are true

Many diseases stress the body ==> consume vitamin D
No indication that mental stress is reduced by Vitamin D (other than Depression )

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More stress (allostatic load biomarkers) associated with vitamin D deficiency – Oct 2015
"Allostatic load is a powerful tool to assess the harmful effects of chronic stress to the human body on a multisystem level. "
Comment by Vitamin D Life: Seems more likely that high allostatic load index ==> low vitamin D
Increased vitamin D "might" prevent stress and "might" reduce stress,
BUT restoring vitamin D levels should most certainly reduce other health problems assocaiaed with low vitamin D
Mental stress significantly lowered the vitamin D levels of Heart patients – Sept 2014
People with stable CAD were told to prepare a 2 minute speech in 3 minutes
Their Vitamin D levels dropped from 31 ng to 24 ng
Many diseases reduce levels of vitamin D diseases stress the body
96 percent vitamin D deficient – destitute asylum seekers and refugees in London – Nov 2012
Vitamin D associated with 2X better health and less stress, both before and after Breast Cancer – Dec 2014
Overview Pain and Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is number one stress buster – Huffington Post May 2010
Stress buster #2 is Magnesium
Smoking reduces vitamin D
Wonder if stress ==> smoking ==> lower level of vitamin D
Cholesterol is needed to produce both Vitamin D and Cortisol
Elderly Korean women 2.7 times more likely to feel stressed if low vitamin D – Oct 2016

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Note: this page ignores other stresses - associated with low vitamin D

  • stress fractures
  • oxidative stress
  • stress incontinence
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