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19 barriers to vitamin D supplementation solved

Potential barriers:

  1. Fear high cost
    • Capsules can cost as little as 50 cents/month *
    • Bulk Vitamin D costs <1 cent/month
  2. Hassle of getting it
    • Can buy on the Internet, grocery store, pharmacy
  3. Think that a doctor's approval is required
  4. Need a vitamin D test? (fear of needles, hassle, and cost)
    • Note: Testing is rarely needed, but if you want it a in-home test costs about $50
  5. Toxicity fear
    • Vitamin D has lower toxicity than water, ZERO deaths from vitamin D supplementation in 10+ years
  6. Fear long-term consequences - to self, fetus, child
    • The only long-term consequence taking lots of vitamin D was a huge reduction in Type 1 Diabetes
    • People have been taking high-dose vitamin D for >100 years - with no long-term consequences
  7. Difficulty in swallowing pills
    • Can break open a capsule and add the powder to drink/food *
    • Can use liquid, spray, topical forms
  8. Worry about forgetting to take a pill
    • Can just take a 50,000 IU dose several times a month
    • Put the capules in a cup at the start of the month and be sure they are taken by the end of the month
    • Alternately, just add Vitamin D to food/beverage to be consumed over 2-4 weeks
  9. Worry that the pill casing may be made from animals *
  10. Might have to modify current drugs/supplements typically none: possible exception:
  11. Have to know enough about Vitamin D to be able to justify supplementation to family/friends
  12. Concerned that others you know are not taking vitamin D
    • Lots of evidence of many others taking vitamin D, for example, Australia
  13. Might forget to take the capsule at a particular time of day
    • Can take Vitamin D any time of the day: before, during, or after meals - but not after supper
    • However, better response if take with the largest meal of the day
  14. Unsure of how much to take
    • 4,000 IU or 5,000 IU daily or 50,000 twice a month is a great place to start.
  15. Have an adverse reaction to Vitamin D
  16. Unsure if Vitamin D will help, and not want to wait for months to find out
    • Take a loading dose and see results in as little as a week.
    • 50,0000 IU daily for a week is a typical loading dose
  17. Believe that food (still) has the right nutrients needed for health
    • However, food today vs 100 years ago has 3X less vitamin D
  18. Your country does not (yet) allow sales of capsules containing >1,000 IU of Vitamin D
    • Many people buy larger doses over the internet from other countries
    • Hint - Buy only a few bottles at a time - so as to not concern the customs agents about re-sale

Note: No single person will have all of these barriers
* Many companies (such as BioTech) make 50,000 IU capsules which elminate the barrier

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