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Weight loss and Vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium

There have been various studies which have found weight loss when increasing one or more of the following

Vitamin D    Magnesium    Calcium

There is a lot of synergy/interaction between these nutrients in the body
There has been a very large decrease in both Magnesium and Vitamin D in bodies during the past 40 years
There has been a significant increase in obesity in the past 40 years
Wonder if there has been any weight loss trial using all three of the supplements

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Oprah High Calcium AND Magnesium Weight Loss Diet Sept 2007

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A possible indication of Magnesium deficiency: Ionic Magnesium seller

Chocolate, Diabetes, Low Energy and Fatigue

Chocolate: cravings for this delicious treat are associated with low levels of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral lost during menstruation. Women who can't control their weight have found it easier to do so when they can nix the chocolate cravings. Test yourself with the chocolate test. Here it is. On Monday, do not take any magnesium and then eat a piece or two of chocolate and see how it tastes. On Wednesday, take a fair amount of magnesium right before eating the chocolate and notice the difference in how your tasted buds react to the taste of chocolate. You should notice on the day you took the magnesium before you ate the chocolate that you did not enjoy it as much. On the contrary, when you eat chocolate when low on magnesium, wow! The chocolate tastes better when low on magnesium. We are not saying not to eat chocolate, we are just saying you may be low on magnesium.

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