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10 Reasons why children no longer have healthy levels of Vitamin D

Milk used to provide enough Vitamin D for US children

        No Longer

Less Vitamin D from the sun
1) Fewer children are outdoors
    air conditioning. pollution, fear of skin cancer, indoor media, security concerns
2) More children are dark-skinned

Less Vitamin D in food
3) Very few children now get full-fat milk
    2.5X less Vitamin D obtained from low-fat milk
4) Less Vitamin D from fish and meat – aquatic and land-based factory farms

Less activated Vitamin D in blood
5) Decreased Magnesium in the diet – Mg used in 8 places to activate Vitamin D
   Also - increased sugar in the diet decreases Mg absorption and increases Mg excretion
    Even less Mg in the body if the sugar is high-fructose corn syrup
6) Increase monounsaturated fats in the diet
7) Increased salt in processed foods (which reduces Magnesium)
8) Less cholesterol in the diet (to make vitamin D from the sun)

Now Need More Vitamin D
9) More children are now obese – so will need more Vitamin D
10) 30% of children today suffer with chronic disease
    which consume Vitamin D and/or decrease bio-availability

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Possible Vitamin D Interactions

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