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How to identify and stop the potential superspreaders

The Vulnerable Can Wait. Vaccinate the Super-Spreaders First Wired Nov 10

Who gets priority when Covid-19 shots are in short supply? Network theorists have a counterintuitive answer: Start with the social butterflies.
Eliminate the super-spreaders and you end the pandemic.

Article appears to suggest giving vaccines to "social butterflies"

The article does not appear to be aware that potential superspreaders can be easily identified. They are the people who naturally exhale far more aerosols than others. It is apparently due to having viscous lung fluid which causes the popping of bubbles in the lungs during each inhale. This increased amount of aerosols happens independent of the person being infected.

Superspreaders appears to have viscous lung fluids – Oct 2020
derived from National Geographic Article of Oct 27, 2020
The science has been well understood for over a decade.
Less than 1% of people exhale 10X to 100X more aerosols that other people

First must identify the potential superspreaders
Have the entire population aerosol-tested?

Potential options for dealing with potential superspreaders
  • 1) Provide them with single-use masks which are proven to stop aerosols
    • Single-use masks capture aerosols electrostatically
  • 2) Reduce their lung fluid viscosity (inhale or drugs?)
  • 3) Give them high-dose vitamin D to reduce the risk of becoming infected
  • 4) Give them a vaccine to reduce the risk of their becoming infected
  • 5) Restrict their moving around

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