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Systems Thinking About SARS-CoV-2 - Oct 2020

Systems Thinking About SARS-CoV-2

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Observation by Henry Lahore, Boeing comany Systems Engineer (retired) and Founder of Vitamin D Life
This is a good first step by one systems thinker

This model might need to consider many other parameters - such as

  • Skin Color
  • Season
  • Cormodidities (Hypertension, Diabetes, etc)
  • Asymptomatic, Symptoms, Long Haul
  • Evolution of the virus
  • Mask use which benefits the wearer
  • Limitation of resources: testing, hospital, vaccination,
  • Different age groups: aged, children
  • Superspreaders

Next steps

  • Decide where additional parameters might go on the diagram
  • Make next version
  • Assign some importance to each node and link
    • Example: larger font size or line width
  • Make a simplified model for people

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Evidence Supports a Causal Model for Vitamin D in COVID-19 Outcomes – June 3, 2020 in Vitamin D Life

  • Founder of Vitamin D Life believes that Causal Modeling will replace many RCTs in the future
    • BIG DATA is far faster and lower cost than RCTs while being able to consider far more interactions
  • Model A: 16 predictions match observed data; 3 predictions cannot be determined.
  • Image

Model of Vitamin D deficiency started by Henry Lahore in 2011
click on chart for details

Obesity systems diagram
good chart
Click here to see many similar obesity charts
Clearly these charts can get far too complex to understand

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Developing a Preliminary Causal Loop Diagram for Understanding the Wicked Complexity of the COVID-19 Pandemic - June 2020


A systems approach to preventing and responding to COVID-19 - April 2020

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